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The craze would catch on in England in the late 80s, where acid house begat rave culture, but Soul Jazz’s new two-disc genre survey, Acid: Mysterons Invade the Jackin’ Zone. by legendary house DJ F.

Berlin at the beginning of the early 21st century was a bulwark in a time of recession throughout the dance-music world. Globally, the size of audiences at clubs and large parties had tapered off, and the music itself went through a reductionist phase. The musical shift was partly a response to the.

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The following is a list of Stevie Wonder compositions that have been covered by other artists. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all covers.

It was electronic and at times experimental beats and sounds but always danceable and the best DJ’s (like Frankie Kuckles, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, The Hot Mix Five, Mr. Fingers and later Julian "Jum.

The album was produced by respected Chicago House heavies Joe Smooth , (2004 Remixer of the Year Grammy winner) Maurice Joshua , Farley "Jackmaster" Funk , Gene Hunt , Jere. but really hadn’t colla.

Musically, it`s not exactly House, but it`s got a House feel.“ But just what is House Music. I call it naked music,“ says Farley Jackmaster Funk, one of House`s trailblazing artists and producers.

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In 2011 Turkish DJ and musician Baris K put out a series of records under the title Istanbul ’70, a collection of songs from Turkey in the late 60s and early 70s, Turkish psyche, disco, funk and folk.

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So if that’s how you’re feeling, the O2 ABC is where it’s at. run the gauntlet from orchestral compositions to post-punk and more familiar house, funk and techno sounds, and it’s hard to put it mor.

With the Phenomenal Handclap Band we wanted to incorporate some musical ideas. Also, I’m going to have to check out Keith Farley’s [Farley Jackmaster Funk’s] set. It’s gonna be a good night.

The day I stop feeling the music will be the day I hang up my cans. Nowadays you can make your own music for next to nothing using things like REASON / ACID / CUBASE etc. in your own home means the.

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It’s getting to the point where I feel like I’m tilting at windmills. But I can’t give up—I know this neighborhood would benefit from the diversity of more people like me moving in. If you need a good place to live, come check out my ‘hood. It’s quirky, but it could use a.

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It’s awesome,” said Jackmaster. Farley Jackmaster Funk, who bills himself as the king of House music. He’d just returned from performing in London and hadn’t been feeling well. Knuckles also had a.

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Released in 2006, when house was being drowned out by the sounds of amped-up electro, the totemic figure of Larry Heard quietly dropped this magisterial piece of vocal-acid.

Taking place in Saffron Rails – a massive industrial space – this concert is for those who want to feel music rattle. Chic.

A new three part series airs this week on BBC 4, called, Can You Feel It: How Dance Music Conquered the. Marshall Jefferso.

Can You Feel It – How. techno, acid house and the current EDM explosion. With contributions from disco legends Nicky Siano.

Taking place in Saffron Rails – a massive industrial space – this concert is for those who want to feel. Farley Jackmaster.

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Here is something that you may not know. I learned the entire Martin Luther King Jr. speech from DJ FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK. Every once in a while DJ Farley Funkin’ Keith, (for you original Farley love.

They’re very careful,” whispers Broderick, ”And they’ve beat it into me…I feel I may be under surveillance right. the acerbic teenage vamp at the center of this acid-tongued indie singlehandedly de.

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“He could take a dance floor and make it dark and make it sexy and then take you to church and make you feel like you’d been baptized. Steve "Silk" Hurley, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk and dozens more.

8. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk feat. Darryl Pandy, "Love Can’t Turn Around" (1986) This is part cover, part re-interpretation of the Isaac Hayes track "I Can’t Turn Around," which was also covered by.

Back with a mixed bag of tunes I’m currently feeling. including a couple of tasty Scrimshire edits coming soon on the excellent Wah Wah Records.

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CD 3 1. LAFLEUR* Boogie Nights (12” remix) (8:00) Boogie Nights actually was my first solo production and was recorded at the same time as Forrest’s follow up Feel The Need.

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It’s getting to the point where I feel like I’m tilting at windmills. But I can’t give up—I know this neighborhood would benefit from the diversity of more people like me moving in. If you need a good place to live, come check out my ‘hood. It’s quirky, but it could use a.

This one, however, didn’t end up a feel-good move, like bestowing the sobriquet. And in the South Loop, there’s a "Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk Way" to honor the influential house music DJ. The first h.